Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day 2012 In Harris Park

It seems traditional now that Canada Day is celebrated each year in Harris Park which is located along the Thames river just a stones throw from downtown. Sunday morning I thought that I would have a look before the big crowds started to show up to see the fireworks in the evening.
This year there seems to be more space left free in the center of the park. The Thames river is just behind the trees.
The military displays, vehicles, reinactors were located at the north end of the park.
War of 1812 reinactors' booth.
Promoting a book on the 15th. Battalion, a kilted Battalion largely recruited from Toronto.
1812 reinactors with a Bluebird (First World War nursing sisters). Well - there's a hundred years in one photo.
At 12 noon a pow-wow by members of the local reserves which include veterans from the Second World War, and the Korean War.
A display featuring the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. The museum is located in the north-west area of London. It is well worth a visit. Mind you I have a soft spot for the museum as I volunteered for the museum a few years ago.