Friday, July 22, 2011

Television Memories

Naturally the kid on crutches gets front page in his father's employee newsletter.
Lorine McGinnis Schultz’s post “Sharing Memories” from July 17 reminded me of when my family acquired their first T.V. in 1953.

As a background in 1953 I had what is called “perthes “ - I leave it to you to look this up in your dictionary ! It meant that for a year I was in a harness preventing me from using my leg. What do you do with a five year old who spends his days getting around on crutches ?

The answer seems to have been to get him a television set. As close as I can remember it was a 12" black and white in a cabinet. Wish I still had that cabinet ! It also meant purchasing a rather large aerial to receive signals as London at that time did not have a local T.V. station. That came the following year.

The whole package must have set my parents back a months salary.  The channels available were from Detroit, and Kitchener.

So what did I watch ? As far as I remember it was mostly westerns, and Howdy Doody.

I do not think I missed a program.
I was glued to the T.V. That hasn't changed much in 60 years.
Loved the program. The actors also showed up for a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game. A plus in my books.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - St. Paul's

St. Paul’s was first erected as a frame building on Dundas St. in 1830. The building burned down in 1844. The brick building was erected on it’s present site, and opened in 1846. Originally there was a cemetery on the church grounds which except for a few tombstones was moved to Woodland Cemetery.

The tombstones lie on their side just to the north and west of the church. They are weathered, and hard to read; but I have taken photos of a few of them.
To The Memory Of
Colonel in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers
died at London C.W.
on the 10 December 1843
Aged 41 years
Elizabeth Showers
Laurence & Abigail
died May 10, 1838
Wife of
Bert Wils
died Sept 19 184?
Aged 24 years

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day 2011

Canada Day at Harris Park.
reinactors of the Royal Scots Light Infantry from the War of 1812.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny. warm, and not muggy.

The military, and veterans, were out to dedicate a mural to the young men and women who lost their lives in Afganistan.

A powow featuring native veterans od the Canadian Forces.