Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - St. Paul's

St. Paul’s was first erected as a frame building on Dundas St. in 1830. The building burned down in 1844. The brick building was erected on it’s present site, and opened in 1846. Originally there was a cemetery on the church grounds which except for a few tombstones was moved to Woodland Cemetery.

The tombstones lie on their side just to the north and west of the church. They are weathered, and hard to read; but I have taken photos of a few of them.
To The Memory Of
Colonel in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers
died at London C.W.
on the 10 December 1843
Aged 41 years
Elizabeth Showers
Laurence & Abigail
died May 10, 1838
Wife of
Bert Wils
died Sept 19 184?
Aged 24 years

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