Thursday, June 23, 2011

London’s Mystery Man

"The London Free Press", 1 July, 1941.
London’s mystery man died at Westminster Hospital on 29 June, 1941. He was variously called Oliver Jordan or Jordan X.X. Smith. He had been a patient at Westminster Hospital for 20 years.

During that time there were attempts to find out his identity. Jordan X.X. walked into the Ripon, England, reparation camp in 1919 with a group of prisoners of war wearing a German uniform. His speech was clouded, and he had no memory of who he was. His finger prints were sent out to bureau’s throughout Canada, and the United States, with no success. Various people claimed a relationship to Jordan X.X.; however, nothing was proved. (1)

It would have been interesting to see what today’s science would have found.

(1) “The London Free Press”, 1 July, 1941.

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