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Charles Milton Richardson Graham, 1868-1932

C.M.R. Graham was born 15 March 1868 in London Ontario to William Graham, and Catherine Richardson. (1) He married Ida Wells Smyth 6 January 1892 in London. The 1901 Census lists him as a gentleman furrier. (2)
"The London Free Press", January 2, 1912.
He became mayor of London in January 1912 to 1914. The Free Press describes his terms in office as marked by aggressive policies. (3)

He had also been involved with the local militia, and in 1915 he was offered the command of the 142nd. Battalion (London’s Own) then being organized in London. When overseas the battalion was broken up for re-enforcements. In 1918 he reverted to the rank of Major, and served with the 18th. Battalion (4). Also in 1918 he was promoted to Lt.-Colonel, and awarded the D.S.O.
"The London Free Press", February 16, 1932.
He died in London on the 15th  of February, 1932.

(1), Ontario, Canada births and Ontario, Canada, deaths, 1869-1938 and deaths overseas, 1939-1947.
(2) “The London Free Press“, 16 February, 1932. obit. The Free Press described him as in the gent’s furnishing business up to 1916 when he sold his share of the business to his brother.
(3) A term at that time was one year. Elections were held every January. He was recognized as a Conservative in politics. With Sir Sam Hughes in charge that took precedence over any military experience. In spite of this he was an exception to the rule as he proved to be quite a good junior officer at the front.
(4) The 18th. Battalion was the second battalion to be raised from Southwestern Ontario, and was in the trenches by the end of 1915.

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