Monday, February 13, 2012

Canada Census 2011

The early returns for last year’s census have been released. Remember, any census is a snapshot in time. Also, the numbers are not exactly accurate. This is in spite of claims by Statistics Canada. I expect that considering the attitude of the Harper Government this will only get worse in the future. I always read population numbers as being plus or minus a thousand or so.

Let’s start with Middlesex County in which London is located.
Statistics Canada, 2011 Census of Population.
Middlesex County showed a population of  439,151 with an increase over 2006 of 4.0%.

There are two ways at looking at the City of London. First is at the Metropolitan Census District.
Statistics Canada, 2011 Census of Population.
The Metropolitan Census District includes some of Middlesex County, some of Elgin County, and the city of St. Thomas. It showed a population of 474,786  with a +3.7% increase in population from 2006.
Statistics Canada, 2011 Census of Population.

The city showed a population of  366,151  with an increase of +3.9% over 2006. I will not even start with the unemployment numbers. It appears that only the City of Windsor lost people over 2006 in Southwestern Ontario.

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